Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

We are a collective of games enthusiasts who want to spread educational content through the medium. Our central project, #67GAMES is built on the back of Educade, a project spearheaded by our leader Regina Kgatle. Educade involves the distribution of arcade-style machines made from e-waste that run educational content for the South African context. We aim to collect and curate 67 educational games for Mandela day in 2016, and have these up and running at 67 under resourced schools.

Alongside our main project, we are also aiming to host a number of long-form game jams with a next generation of game makers to foster mentorship and knowledge sharing around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) literacies. We argue that all of these muscles are flexed during the game making process, and that games can aid in demystifying technical systems.

The global game jam:

Our primary project will revolve around hosting global game jams with allies from across the world. The content for games will be inspired and/or based on school curriculums, or broader social issues such as health, wellbeing, and equality. We will send these out as loose briefs to pledged communities/people and jam games over a weekend at a yet-to-be-determined date in 2016.

These will then go through a peer-review process to make sure that they are suitable for the kids, have educational worth, and most important of all – be fun to play! The selected games will then have a chance to be polished, and prepared for distribution.


The games will run on educade machines if funding allows. Yet, we do not want to offer a play-and-dash experience – these games should be available outside of the touring period. For the reason, we will be speaking to public access ICT venues such as community libraries about having the games installed on available computers. We will also try to expand the games onto mobile for free download, and encourage the inclusion of non-digital games that can be cheaply reproduced or taught.