Squad Update: #youthDayGamePopUp


#YouthDayGamePopUp       Regina's Khayelitsha Gaming Event 2

Mates, as they would say in Zulu- inde lendlela. The journey still continues. Thanks to the squad mates that have submitted their games for #67games. We play tested them with over 120 primary school children in Khayelitsha on June16- Youth Day. I will later in this post share with you the feedback from that day, but first lets focus on what we were trying to do with game installation pop ups such as the #YouthDayGamePopUp.

I strongly believe that we have a lot to contribute to the game industry. There is so much hunger  for truly African games. We often see it in a form of “diversity”  requests in conferences, fellowships, competitions and funding offers. The players are also obviously keen to play different games, honestly, this has analytic reports backing it up, google research  it if you like.I can go on, but “is reg” for now.

It is practical to say if we’re looking for games with different experiences, we should be also be looking for different people to make them. Thus, 67games Youth Day Pop Up. On the day, Lars, a game technology lecturer at FoD gave an intro workshop to game development. Bro force founder Evan shared with the youth his 10 years’ journey as a game developer. The aim of this was to spark interest in game development, as we believe it can generate income to a lot of young people.


Open Screen Art by Ben-the squad mate

Time for reflections: Besides being extremely cold, we observed that the game parties for kids are energy intense, in a good way, we knocked off early(next time we’ll pay attention to the party duration), our games are short (we are doing a thing where we link together 2-3 games together). Kids in the party setting don’t like reading (cut the words, pictures work mates),your games must explain themselves( during play time, aint non of those kids got time to be figuring a game out), playability is a thing. I will directly inbox people over the cause of the following days to give specific feedback.

SFA #youthDayPopUp                        #youthDayGamePopUp

We enjoyed the games submitted.Thanks squad mates!You still have time to update your game. Submission are reopen, make us something before the 14th of July pretty please. We loved the fun we had at Khayelitsha, the kids loved it as well, the Barn-Khayalitsha reports that the kids have been coming back to ask when are we coming again. We’re surely looking into going back.

In the month of July, we will be seeting up 67games game pop up in Kannemeyer Primary on Mandela Day-2016, we will also do St Jospeh’s  home for Chronically Ill Children, Chuma primary School and more. Be on a look out for the exact dates, it would be nice if you can join us, extra supervisions makes the game pop up more fun. We soon follow up with  installing #67games collections in schools with computer labs.

If you have a school in mind that you would enjoy our sort of  fun educational games, send us a “Please call me” at 0610771691, or just email me at

Love You Squad

Squad Update + Reminder to submit your game


Here is the biggest high-five, It’s been a while.

We must start off by thanking everyone who participated in our last 67gamejam.We had a lot of fun building open source educational games for our Mandela mission. It was an absolute fun to play and watch people’s games from  Zambia: Lusaka, Germany: Berlin, South Africa: Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, France: Paris.

Thanks squad members! We would like to remind everyone that we are nearing the end of our first mission. All submissions are due in June on the 16th, this is to allow some time for testing and polishing of the games before we take them to little human beings.

The next step is to build pretty arcade consoles for kids. We have partnered with The Bandwidth Barn and Friends of Design to make sure that we build arcade consoles that little humans would love.Artists get ready to come squad mark the cabinets.Super stoked for this, but before we get ahead of ourselves ,because this is only happening around September, our energies are now focused on collecting the games for bantwana bathong.

Listen,we need to play your game, install it in schools that are under resourced and see how children are receiving it.Help us impact!

If you/ know an organization that can sponsor  the making of educade arcade consoles for schools let us know. Individuals are welcome to make personal pledges to schools on our lists or of their personal choice. Drop Reg’ an email at to know more.

A friendly reminder that there would be prizes/opportunities for games that  are played the most.

The reason things are a bit slow is that we have lost the righthand woman to a PhD thesis, Anja is somewhere at the corner writing.We send her the squad magic and wish her the best.


Opportunities to (remote)work together

Who wants to help with weekly gifs to get the squad pumped about finishing their games.It’s for the kids mates!
Who is available to help with admin stuff: we need to kick start a kickstarter page and raise some funds for this mission.All proceeds will go into making the educade arcade consoles to distribute all over South Africa.

In the spirit of staying the cause, we have uploaded the video covering our first #67games meetup, where we brought everyone together

Watch  first 67games Meetup



There is a layer to the challenge that includes Specs!

Specification Guidelines for 67games

Hardware & Controllers layout for the educade arcade consoles

4 keypads == Joystick controls:

about the joystick: it will be positioned at the center of the educade arcade consoles

  • Left movement is mapped to “a” and  left arrow“<”
  • Right movement is mapped to “d” and right arrow  “>”
  • Upwards movement is mapped to “w” and  up arrow “^­”
  • Downwards movement is mapped to “s” and down arrow


4 keypads == pushbuttons:

about the pushbuttons: 2 will be positioned on the far left of the centered joystick

  • One matching to the “z “keypad and “x” to the other

2 will be positioned on the far right of the centered joystick

  • One matching to the “z “keypad and “x” to the other


Escape keypad will be matched to the pushbutton above the joystick. There will be more information on this button later, but for now we can say it is the pushbuttons to get to main menus, being both the menu of the game or the game list menu.


The above control keys need to be configurable in an external .txt file


Hardware Compatibility

The game must be compatible with the following:

  • Windows Xp (consequently 32 bits)
  • Intel hd
  • Linux
  • 16:9 screen
  • full HD in terms of resolution

The game should be in full screen mode


Design Considerations

There must be a menu screen for every game. The menu must consist the following:

  • Standard language: Quit instead of Exit, Start instead of Begin
  • All the buttons at this point in the game are configured as “select” option.
  • n.b.  if your menu has a “No”or “Yes” option, use the joystick keys to navigate a    “No” or “Yes” pop up screen
  • The game should be a short experience: 2 minutes =Great, 5 minutes=OK, 10 Minutes= NOT OK
  • Replayability is important. Your game should have a replay value
  • Tutorials must be obvious or unnecessary. If you have to make a tutorial, make it self contained and obvious, get into the game immediately and have tutorials be part of the world. For example if you have a 3rd person and wish to demonstrate arrows, let there be an arrow (®) written “GO”, remember the classic metal slug
  • No interruptions in the game. No Ads
  • All control buttons should be mapped to an action, even if it is just whiff animation
  • When Escape is pressed, return to your main menu.
  • When Escape is held for more than 5 seconds, Quit the game.


Credits Screen

  • This screen pops up for 5-10 seconds at the end of the game
  • This is the only place to have a logo/Ads.

Package to submit

  • Builds
  • Logo of the game, preferably animated gif. This will go to our 67games main menu

Briefs are here.Put your thinking caps on Squad!

#67gameJam Briefs for 2016

(brought to you by our allies: NPOs dealing with primary school aged children and primary school teachers from Partners For Possibility community)

Brief #1: Math

Fractions: Kids are struggling to understand that fractions are part of a whole.


Brief #2: Time

There is difficulty understanding the concept of time. How many seconds make a minute; how many minutes make an hour;how many hours make a day/week.


Brief #3: Math

Problem solving mathematical equations. The main problem lies in the rules of operation and BODMAS.


Brief #4: Math

Place values and units. For example: how many ones make a ten, and how many tens make hundred and so forth.


Brief #5: Math

Open number sequence related questions. A number of kids would know what 6+ 4 is but will not be able to answer the following:

6+ …=10


Brief #6: Perception
It is tricky to teach pattern Identification, shape  identification, special position(Back, Front, Left, Right) ,Size( Big, Bigger, Biggest), Colors, Coordinal points(North, West, East, South).


Brief #7: Soft skills
There is a serious bullying problem in schools. We believe that we need to stress compassion, responsibility and respect to children.


Brief #8: Sexuality and Sexual Orientation

We need awareness around issues relating to sexuality at an early age.


Brief #9:  Life Skills

We need to speak about dangerous environments and situations that children find themselves in. We need to create awareness about gangsters, rape, domestic violence, hyper-masculinity and patriarchy.


Note: We have generalized the brief topics on purpose, to allow interpretation and creativity. Squad, please bear in mind that these are games for kids, please exercise caution, and stay away from violence, hate speech, etc.

If you’re unsure, ask. We will put you in touch with our psychologist, a teacher or an expert on the topic in order to guide you.


Happy jamming, and stay with us on twitter to see what everyone else is working on.

Virtual high-5 to you squad member.






The 67gameJam is a game jam centered around the #67games mission. This is an opportunity for the 67games squad (game designers, developers and artists) who have pledged (and yet to pledge) to come together in their respective locations and start exploring a game theme of their choice. Ultimately, we hope that at the end of the jam, each team will have a prototype to showcase to other squad members. Remember, this is for the kids. It should be children friendly and educational. We have no hard limits other than those two.

The 67gamesJam will be taking place from 1-3 April 2016. We hope that the squad will have a lot of fun over this weekend. We also hope for something more, we hope that squad members will come together and use their talents and creativity to make games that will truly serve as a medium for learning.




As stated in our mission: we believe that well curated games can be used as complementary learning tools. We have made a commitment to collect 67 educational games that will be distributed to under-resourced primary schools around South Africa. Please note that all the games will be under the creative commons license, making them open source.

Can we now speak to the agenda of the 3 days (1-3 April 2016)? On Friday (time : 18:30), everyone will gather together in their respective areas where the host will relay our mission and present the themes for about 30 minutes. The night will also be used for forming teams:2-4 members per team. We however, encourage people to form teams beforehand, so we can get time to watch some powerful ted talks about using games for change.

Saturday and Sunday will be used to build a game prototype that will be presented on Sunday afternoon. We hope people use this time to also build friendships.

We will not dare to forget the 67games squad members who are unable to access the physical locations. You’re welcome to work wherever you are, join in the hype by tweeting to us, the hashtag is #67games.Everyone else participating is encouraged to engage us in the virtual world, #67games 

Important: We will have teachers on board for support at our main base at Friends of Design. So if you’re unsure about anything. Skype us at Regina.kgatle2

Nice to know: We have physical locations in South Africa:CPT & JHB, Nigeria, Zambia,  Canada and Germany.We will share more on this through our hosts.

Happy Jamming squad!

Yours in games


As far as we know, it is all smiles whenever people gather together in the name of games for change.
Reg met with the everyday-awesome Lars today. They’re both looking into integrating 67games and educade into the curriculum of the gaming course the friends at Friends of Design run. That is exciting right? We definitely thought so. More games for the little “mense” .

Reg’ and Lars also managed to conclude on the global jam dates for 67games. The game jam is on the 26-27 March 2016. After GDC and rAge expo, because we hope you’ll be our ambassador and spread the 67games magic at these exciting events . 

Mates!Also, we ask in a nicely possible way that you mark the dates on your calendar-come hang and make games with us. There will be a physically space for 67games gamejammers in Cananda-Toronto, South Africa-Cape Town&Joburg, Nigeria-Lagos, Germany-Berlin. Don’t worry we’re the limitless generation! If you’re not in one of the mentioned cities, you can work from anywhere + we will be live tweeting.




Mission Report #2

Revolutionary digital greetings to all,

I know I’m a little late but happy new year.The main reason I’m writing to you is to express my gratitude for the endless support that I have received from you in many forms.It is incredible to see what we have been able to do from the time I pitched the 67games idea in September to now.

We have been able to recruit about 100 members to the 67games squad,launch the website, host the launch event,get couple of media coverage, partner with couple of NPOs,start shooting for 4 episodes for our #SquadUpdate webseries-more on that later,sort out law stuff with our lawyer Nick & the open source guru Arthur-Shuttleworth foundation fellow.We finished writing the proposal,registered as an NPO and got different organizations on board as allies.These partnerships are really important as the success of 67games depends heavily on collaborations.We admit that we are unable to take 67games to its logical conclusion without the help of all of you.

There has been great progress,but we are slightly running behind the set timelines.I had hoped that by this time we would have been able to secure some funding, have briefs written by NPOs & teachers ready and hoped to have kickstarted a kickstarter campaign.We do not have enough people who pledged other skills other than skills relating to game development.It is not a pressing issue at the moment, but it will be necessary to have other skills at some point in time.If you are able to proofread docs,write and make edits,please consider pledging these skills or encouraging someone to do the same.

Additionally, I was hoping that I would have made 3 games-one for each month following my thesis submission in October.Above all, we are alright, we have put in extra work during the holidays to catch up on a lot of work that had to be done.Anja and I have been working hard to connect the dots.I admit that things will not always go according to timelines.I am very much pleased with what we have collectively been able to do.I again confirm that we are committed to doing our best in seeing that our mission is complete-say that in a metal slug Mission Complete voice :).We are motivated and encouraged by the impact 67games will have on the lives of South African children.

I am aware that some squad members have started thinking and working on the games.I have seen some of them and I’m excited to see how they will turn out.I encourage everyone to start thinking of the sort of games they would love to make.The specifications document that I and Danny from QCF worked on is complete,it should be available under a new tab “Resources” on our website.The document might already be available on our website the minute you get to read this,check it out for guidelines.Digital shout out to Lars-the amazing new squad member from Friends of Design Academy for proofreading and editing the document.

The briefs from teachers and NPOs should be available for the game jams starting in March,more on the game jam in a month’s time.I am meeting with Louise from PfP4SA to see if we can get their teachers to volunteer to help us in writing the briefs and to also identify the schools that are able to run our games across the country.

Lastly, I have been playing indigenous board games with the children in Makapanstad village, they are pretty excited to play our 67games.May they be our motivation.This blog is pretty blank where images are concerned,the network here in the village is troublesome.I will surely upload some snaps from our board games interactions in days time when I get to the city.

Is there anything you want to specifically discuss, as much as gaming or 67games is concerned?Write to me at once again,happy new year!!

Laters squad



67 zeppelins floating in an unknown sky

[Written by Zeppelin Studio]

At this year’s A MAZE Johannesburg, we met a crowd of wonderful people. One of them is Regina Kgatle. During her talk at the event, Regina announced her new project 67games. 67games is about creating and showing educational games to kids all over South Africa. Everyone attending was hooked right away, so it wasn’t a surprise a crowd of developers already made a small meetup with Regina in Cape Town just a couple of days later to evaluate how everyone can contribute, including Zeppelin Studio. If you like to know more, if you would like to contribute, or if you simply want to say hello, you can check out the webpage at:

Apart from trying to be of help by offering our web development resources, we are also pledging a game to the project – of course, making games is what we do. All of our previous games focused on emotions and story, rather than on education, and they were targeting adults instead of children. So we simply decided on a series of mini Game Jams to come up with something new. Since we studied Game Engineering and Simulation (emphasis on the last word), it wasn’t much of a surprise when the first prototype at the A MAZE was a physics simulation. The topics “wind”, “gravity” and “lighter than air” ended up as an abstract rodeo in cyberspace.


It is fun for a couple of times and every topic is included as a game concept. But since it’s so abstract and minimalist, it’s hard to believe that anyone will learn anything from it. On the other hand, it isn’t minimalistic enough, since it covers more than one topic, which is probably the reason none of the topics is conveyed so that you can actually learn its concepts.

So one topic straight! Several concepts and prototypes about “heat”, “navigation with stars” and “quarks” later, we ended up at a different game jam with a nice little space game about gravity: Your own pocket-sized solar system. You shoot rockets and asteroids into a planet system and watch it grow and evolve.

2015-10-17 09.53.20

The game has only one core mechanic that’s important for the player: gravity. Since everything else is so simple, you can grasp the game easily and figure out the concept of gravity on the go. It also helps that in contrast to the rodeo in cyberspace you don’t have any time constraints and can take all the time you need.

Since this game is still in a very rough shape, we are planning to tweak it during upcoming Zeppelin game jams to something really cool for the kids of 67games.Luckily, a global game jam for 67games is planned in 2016 – so stay tuned.

If you will be a part of it. Keep in mind: Using educational content is a difficult process of walking the fine line between fun and boring: Presenting the topic so that it can easily be understood, but not forcing it to the players at any cost. Try to stay on one topic for each game.


Mission Report #1 by Regina

On the 27th of November we had a 67 Games meetup, where we gathered with different Cape Town based NPOs to share with us the messages that they want primary school age kids to know. The aim of the meet-up was to get the NPOs to “speed date” with game developers, and start thinking about the sort of messages we can take to the young ones in a format that they can’t resist – games.

The meetup was about 3 hours in total. Regina opened it by introducing the attendees to 67 Games, covering its mission and vision. She then explored the plan-diagram she and Anja came up with, to ensure that we take this mission to its logical conclusion. This was followed by hyper introductions from the NPOs.

Louise from Improved Rural Areas Programme (IRAP) was up first. Louise’s organization teaches about improving the quality of lives of villagers, together with strengthening the village economics – focusing mainly on agriculture.

Wandisilie from 18 Gangster Museum, shared the work of the 1st Khayelitsha based gangster museum. 18 Gangster Museum teaches the young ones about the danger of gangsterism, and how to protect themselves from this culture tearing our townships apart.

David from Khayelitsha Engineering took us through the mandate of a newly formed society that promote Engineering-orientated careers.

Suleiman from Sonke Gender Justice,a representative from Mencare was among the NPOs in attendance, speaking of decolonizing manhood.

Pam from Injabulo Lgbti+ Anti-Bullying Project explained to the attendees how she sees games as a platform to educate the learners on Lgbti+ and bullying topics.

Duncan, an active volunteer of Gender & Sex Project(Gasp), an organization that creates open spaces to have open and challenging conversations about gender shared his views.

He was then followed by Thoko, a representative from Girl Hype, who shared with us the how girl hype work together with girls to promote STEM oriented careers among school learners.

The floor was then opened to the rest of the attendees to openly share what message(s) are close to their heart

It was a very magical night! We ended it by playing some games at the game stations prepared by a friend – Richard from Super Friendship Arcade.

One of the game developers, Nick, summarized:

“It was heartening to see the number of organizations who are united in the belief that gaming potentially could have a positive influence on the youths of South Africa. As a game developer, the thought of using technology to empower learners at scale is incredibly exciting. Whilst the goal of 67 games is an ambitious one, my hope is that the program will be able to act as an incubator in which designers and outreach leader can collaboratively explore the frontiers of experimental education. I think 67 games is off to a great a start”.

Comments such as Nick’s are our fuel. Which is why, moving forward, we’ll get more of our collaborators to guest blog for us, to share their thoughts around or relating to 67 games. We’ll be sure to share these on our blog –

We repeat, you fellows deserve e-high fives! This first newsletter will reach about 100 new collaborators who have already signed to be part of our Mandela magic circle. If you are not yet part of the magic circle, please consider joining us. We promise to try our absolute best, to make this journey impactful and enjoyable.

Before we sign this letter, we want to give credits to those we didn’t get to mention in this letter.We express our gratitude to The Bandwidth Barn for providing us with a venue, computers used for our evening gaming stations and their photography services. We are lucky to have Kyle Wallace in our magic circle, a very talented upcoming filmmaker for filming the whole event. Finally the Mark Shuttleworth Foundation for sponsoring our wine, making sure we take well deserved breaks throughout the meetup, and get our chill on while playing games.

Yours in the magic circle,


Dev Diary Inye

So, things in the 67 camp has been a bit crazy. Getting all of our ducks in a row is starting to feel like getting our ducks to do a synchronized summersaulting pyramid. But we’ve touched a few of our key aims for this year. We’ve met with the Make Games SA community (who are lovely and very stoked to work with us) and Reggie hosted a meet and greet with a number of great NGO’s, who are keen to help provide content for our game-babies, at the Barn.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.04.27 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.04.13 PM12000957_876261525795376_6473224459393921542_o

Our biggest issue at the moment is putting together our funding proposal, and sorting out our IP approach.

The big problem with not having a funding proposal is that people don’t really want to give you funding without one! Between finishing up my PhD, Reggie’s running Educade/finishing up Engineering, planning for our impending webseries (thanks for all the help Kyle Wallace and Cool Your Jets), streamlining our production (still figuring out trello), and trying to make friends (hosting meet ups, planning parties, taking meetings), we’re not really anticipating too much of a holiday this year.  We’ve started cobbling together a document that will soon be released to the world – we are hoping FRIDAY. Special shout out to the wonderful Radhika Gajjala, our fairy profmother, who has offered to help us with whipping the document into shape. And to Ashleigh Fisher for loaning her keen design eye.

This week we’re meeting with lawyers (aka Nick Hall) to get our organization registered, and from there we should be able to officially make some headway in bringing our dream to life. Reggie and I have been big beneficiaries of the Open Source movement in our lives, and both of us would ideally like to encourage game production based on the same principles.

We will try to keep everyone in the loop – and if you’re willing to offer advice/love/suggestions – please don’t hesitate to ping us, we see this as a giant katamari ball of collaboration :)