Squad Update: #youthDayGamePopUp


#YouthDayGamePopUp       Regina's Khayelitsha Gaming Event 2

Mates, as they would say in Zulu- inde lendlela. The journey still continues. Thanks to the squad mates that have submitted their games for #67games. We play tested them with over 120 primary school children in Khayelitsha on June16- Youth Day. I will later in this post share with you the feedback from that day, but first lets focus on what we were trying to do with game installation pop ups such as the #YouthDayGamePopUp.

I strongly believe that we have a lot to contribute to the game industry. There is so much hunger  for truly African games. We often see it in a form of “diversity”  requests in conferences, fellowships, competitions and funding offers. The players are also obviously keen to play different games, honestly, this has analytic reports backing it up, google research  it if you like.I can go on, but “is reg” for now.

It is practical to say if we’re looking for games with different experiences, we should be also be looking for different people to make them. Thus, 67games Youth Day Pop Up. On the day, Lars, a game technology lecturer at FoD gave an intro workshop to game development. Bro force founder Evan shared with the youth his 10 years’ journey as a game developer. The aim of this was to spark interest in game development, as we believe it can generate income to a lot of young people.


Open Screen Art by Ben-the squad mate

Time for reflections: Besides being extremely cold, we observed that the game parties for kids are energy intense, in a good way, we knocked off early(next time we’ll pay attention to the party duration), our games are short (we are doing a thing where we link together 2-3 games together). Kids in the party setting don’t like reading (cut the words, pictures work mates),your games must explain themselves( during play time, aint non of those kids got time to be figuring a game out), playability is a thing. I will directly inbox people over the cause of the following days to give specific feedback.

SFA #youthDayPopUp                        #youthDayGamePopUp

We enjoyed the games submitted.Thanks squad mates!You still have time to update your game. Submission are reopen, make us something before the 14th of July pretty please. We loved the fun we had at Khayelitsha, the kids loved it as well, the Barn-Khayalitsha reports that the kids have been coming back to ask when are we coming again. We’re surely looking into going back.

In the month of July, we will be seeting up 67games game pop up in Kannemeyer Primary on Mandela Day-2016, we will also do St Jospeh’s  home for Chronically Ill Children, Chuma primary School and more. Be on a look out for the exact dates, it would be nice if you can join us, extra supervisions makes the game pop up more fun. We soon follow up with  installing #67games collections in schools with computer labs.

If you have a school in mind that you would enjoy our sort of  fun educational games, send us a “Please call me” at 0610771691, or just email me at regina@67games.org.

Love You Squad

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