Squad Update + Reminder to submit your game


Here is the biggest high-five, It’s been a while.

We must start off by thanking everyone who participated in our last 67gamejam.We had a lot of fun building open source educational games for our Mandela mission. It was an absolute fun to play and watch people’s games from  Zambia: Lusaka, Germany: Berlin, South Africa: Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, France: Paris.

Thanks squad members! We would like to remind everyone that we are nearing the end of our first mission. All submissions are due in June on the 16th, this is to allow some time for testing and polishing of the games before we take them to little human beings.

The next step is to build pretty arcade consoles for kids. We have partnered with The Bandwidth Barn and Friends of Design to make sure that we build arcade consoles that little humans would love.Artists get ready to come squad mark the cabinets.Super stoked for this, but before we get ahead of ourselves ,because this is only happening around September, our energies are now focused on collecting the games for bantwana bathong.

Listen,we need to play your game, install it in schools that are under resourced and see how children are receiving it.Help us impact!

If you/ know an organization that can sponsor  the making of educade arcade consoles for schools let us know. Individuals are welcome to make personal pledges to schools on our lists or of their personal choice. Drop Reg’ an email at regina.67games.org to know more.

A friendly reminder that there would be prizes/opportunities for games that  are played the most.

The reason things are a bit slow is that we have lost the righthand woman to a PhD thesis, Anja is somewhere at the corner writing.We send her the squad magic and wish her the best.


Opportunities to (remote)work together

Who wants to help with weekly gifs to get the squad pumped about finishing their games.It’s for the kids mates!
Who is available to help with admin stuff: we need to kick start a kickstarter page and raise some funds for this mission.All proceeds will go into making the educade arcade consoles to distribute all over South Africa.

In the spirit of staying the cause, we have uploaded the video covering our first #67games meetup, where we brought everyone together

Watch  first 67games Meetup


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