There is a layer to the challenge that includes Specs!

Specification Guidelines for 67games

Hardware & Controllers layout for the educade arcade consoles

4 keypads == Joystick controls:

about the joystick: it will be positioned at the center of the educade arcade consoles

  • Left movement is mapped to “a” and  left arrow“<”
  • Right movement is mapped to “d” and right arrow  “>”
  • Upwards movement is mapped to “w” and  up arrow “^­”
  • Downwards movement is mapped to “s” and down arrow


4 keypads == pushbuttons:

about the pushbuttons: 2 will be positioned on the far left of the centered joystick

  • One matching to the “z “keypad and “x” to the other

2 will be positioned on the far right of the centered joystick

  • One matching to the “z “keypad and “x” to the other


Escape keypad will be matched to the pushbutton above the joystick. There will be more information on this button later, but for now we can say it is the pushbuttons to get to main menus, being both the menu of the game or the game list menu.


The above control keys need to be configurable in an external .txt file


Hardware Compatibility

The game must be compatible with the following:

  • Windows Xp (consequently 32 bits)
  • Intel hd
  • Linux
  • 16:9 screen
  • full HD in terms of resolution

The game should be in full screen mode


Design Considerations

There must be a menu screen for every game. The menu must consist the following:

  • Standard language: Quit instead of Exit, Start instead of Begin
  • All the buttons at this point in the game are configured as “select” option.
  • n.b.  if your menu has a “No”or “Yes” option, use the joystick keys to navigate a    “No” or “Yes” pop up screen
  • The game should be a short experience: 2 minutes =Great, 5 minutes=OK, 10 Minutes= NOT OK
  • Replayability is important. Your game should have a replay value
  • Tutorials must be obvious or unnecessary. If you have to make a tutorial, make it self contained and obvious, get into the game immediately and have tutorials be part of the world. For example if you have a 3rd person and wish to demonstrate arrows, let there be an arrow (®) written “GO”, remember the classic metal slug
  • No interruptions in the game. No Ads
  • All control buttons should be mapped to an action, even if it is just whiff animation
  • When Escape is pressed, return to your main menu.
  • When Escape is held for more than 5 seconds, Quit the game.


Credits Screen

  • This screen pops up for 5-10 seconds at the end of the game
  • This is the only place to have a logo/Ads.

Package to submit

  • Builds
  • Logo of the game, preferably animated gif. This will go to our 67games main menu

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