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#67gameJam Briefs for 2016

(brought to you by our allies: NPOs dealing with primary school aged children and primary school teachers from Partners For Possibility community)

Brief #1: Math

Fractions: Kids are struggling to understand that fractions are part of a whole.


Brief #2: Time

There is difficulty understanding the concept of time. How many seconds make a minute; how many minutes make an hour;how many hours make a day/week.


Brief #3: Math

Problem solving mathematical equations. The main problem lies in the rules of operation and BODMAS.


Brief #4: Math

Place values and units. For example: how many ones make a ten, and how many tens make hundred and so forth.


Brief #5: Math

Open number sequence related questions. A number of kids would know what 6+ 4 is but will not be able to answer the following:

6+ …=10


Brief #6: Perception
It is tricky to teach pattern Identification, shape  identification, special position(Back, Front, Left, Right) ,Size( Big, Bigger, Biggest), Colors, Coordinal points(North, West, East, South).


Brief #7: Soft skills
There is a serious bullying problem in schools. We believe that we need to stress compassion, responsibility and respect to children.


Brief #8: Sexuality and Sexual Orientation

We need awareness around issues relating to sexuality at an early age.


Brief #9:  Life Skills

We need to speak about dangerous environments and situations that children find themselves in. We need to create awareness about gangsters, rape, domestic violence, hyper-masculinity and patriarchy.


Note: We have generalized the brief topics on purpose, to allow interpretation and creativity. Squad, please bear in mind that these are games for kids, please exercise caution, and stay away from violence, hate speech, etc.

If you’re unsure, ask. We will put you in touch with our psychologist, a teacher or an expert on the topic in order to guide you.


Happy jamming, and stay with us on twitter to see what everyone else is working on.

Virtual high-5 to you squad member.





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