The 67gameJam is a game jam centered around the #67games mission. This is an opportunity for the 67games squad (game designers, developers and artists) who have pledged (and yet to pledge) to come together in their respective locations and start exploring a game theme of their choice. Ultimately, we hope that at the end of the jam, each team will have a prototype to showcase to other squad members. Remember, this is for the kids. It should be children friendly and educational. We have no hard limits other than those two.

The 67gamesJam will be taking place from 1-3 April 2016. We hope that the squad will have a lot of fun over this weekend. We also hope for something more, we hope that squad members will come together and use their talents and creativity to make games that will truly serve as a medium for learning.




As stated in our mission: we believe that well curated games can be used as complementary learning tools. We have made a commitment to collect 67 educational games that will be distributed to under-resourced primary schools around South Africa. Please note that all the games will be under the creative commons license, making them open source.

Can we now speak to the agenda of the 3 days (1-3 April 2016)? On Friday (time : 18:30), everyone will gather together in their respective areas where the host will relay our mission and present the themes for about 30 minutes. The night will also be used for forming teams:2-4 members per team. We however, encourage people to form teams beforehand, so we can get time to watch some powerful ted talks about using games for change.

Saturday and Sunday will be used to build a game prototype that will be presented on Sunday afternoon. We hope people use this time to also build friendships.

We will not dare to forget the 67games squad members who are unable to access the physical locations. You’re welcome to work wherever you are, join in the hype by tweeting to us, the hashtag is #67games.Everyone else participating is encouraged to engage us in the virtual world, #67games 

Important: We will have teachers on board for support at our main base at Friends of Design. So if you’re unsure about anything. Skype us at Regina.kgatle2

Nice to know: We have physical locations in South Africa:CPT & JHB, Nigeria, Zambia,  Canada and Germany.We will share more on this through our hosts.

Happy Jamming squad!

Yours in games

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