As far as we know, it is all smiles whenever people gather together in the name of games for change.
Reg met with the everyday-awesome Lars today. They’re both looking into integrating 67games and educade into the curriculum of the gaming course the friends at Friends of Design run. That is exciting right? We definitely thought so. More games for the little “mense” .

Reg’ and Lars also managed to conclude on the global jam dates for 67games. The game jam is on the 26-27 March 2016. After GDC and rAge expo, because we hope you’ll be our ambassador and spread the 67games magic at these exciting events . 

Mates!Also, we ask in a nicely possible way that you mark the dates on your calendar-come hang and make games with us. There will be a physically space for 67games gamejammers in Cananda-Toronto, South Africa-Cape Town&Joburg, Nigeria-Lagos, Germany-Berlin. Don’t worry we’re the limitless generation! If you’re not in one of the mentioned cities, you can work from anywhere + we will be live tweeting.




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