Mission Report #2

Revolutionary digital greetings to all,

I know I’m a little late but happy new year.The main reason I’m writing to you is to express my gratitude for the endless support that I have received from you in many forms.It is incredible to see what we have been able to do from the time I pitched the 67games idea in September to now.

We have been able to recruit about 100 members to the 67games squad,launch the website, host the launch event,get couple of media coverage, partner with couple of NPOs,start shooting for 4 episodes for our #SquadUpdate webseries-more on that later,sort out law stuff with our lawyer Nick & the open source guru Arthur-Shuttleworth foundation fellow.We finished writing the proposal,registered as an NPO and got different organizations on board as allies.These partnerships are really important as the success of 67games depends heavily on collaborations.We admit that we are unable to take 67games to its logical conclusion without the help of all of you.

There has been great progress,but we are slightly running behind the set timelines.I had hoped that by this time we would have been able to secure some funding, have briefs written by NPOs & teachers ready and hoped to have kickstarted a kickstarter campaign.We do not have enough people who pledged other skills other than skills relating to game development.It is not a pressing issue at the moment, but it will be necessary to have other skills at some point in time.If you are able to proofread docs,write and make edits,please consider pledging these skills or encouraging someone to do the same.

Additionally, I was hoping that I would have made 3 games-one for each month following my thesis submission in October.Above all, we are alright, we have put in extra work during the holidays to catch up on a lot of work that had to be done.Anja and I have been working hard to connect the dots.I admit that things will not always go according to timelines.I am very much pleased with what we have collectively been able to do.I again confirm that we are committed to doing our best in seeing that our mission is complete-say that in a metal slug Mission Complete voice :).We are motivated and encouraged by the impact 67games will have on the lives of South African children.

I am aware that some squad members have started thinking and working on the games.I have seen some of them and I’m excited to see how they will turn out.I encourage everyone to start thinking of the sort of games they would love to make.The specifications document that I and Danny from QCF worked on is complete,it should be available under a new tab “Resources” on our website.The document might already be available on our website the minute you get to read this,check it out for guidelines.Digital shout out to Lars-the amazing new squad member from Friends of Design Academy for proofreading and editing the document.

The briefs from teachers and NPOs should be available for the game jams starting in March,more on the game jam in a month’s time.I am meeting with Louise from PfP4SA to see if we can get their teachers to volunteer to help us in writing the briefs and to also identify the schools that are able to run our games across the country.

Lastly, I have been playing indigenous board games with the children in Makapanstad village, they are pretty excited to play our 67games.May they be our motivation.This blog is pretty blank where images are concerned,the network here in the village is troublesome.I will surely upload some snaps from our board games interactions in days time when I get to the city.

Is there anything you want to specifically discuss, as much as gaming or 67games is concerned?Write to me at regina@67games.org.Anyway once again,happy new year!!

Laters squad


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