Dev Diary Inye

So, things in the 67 camp has been a bit crazy. Getting all of our ducks in a row is starting to feel like getting our ducks to do a synchronized summersaulting pyramid. But we’ve touched a few of our key aims for this year. We’ve met with the Make Games SA community (who are lovely and very stoked to work with us) and Reggie hosted a meet and greet with a number of great NGO’s, who are keen to help provide content for our game-babies, at the Barn.

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Our biggest issue at the moment is putting together our funding proposal, and sorting out our IP approach.

The big problem with not having a funding proposal is that people don’t really want to give you funding without one! Between finishing up my PhD, Reggie’s running Educade/finishing up Engineering, planning for our impending webseries (thanks for all the help Kyle Wallace and Cool Your Jets), streamlining our production (still figuring out trello), and trying to make friends (hosting meet ups, planning parties, taking meetings), we’re not really anticipating too much of a holiday this year.  We’ve started cobbling together a document that will soon be released to the world – we are hoping FRIDAY. Special shout out to the wonderful Radhika Gajjala, our fairy profmother, who has offered to help us with whipping the document into shape. And to Ashleigh Fisher for loaning her keen design eye.

This week we’re meeting with lawyers (aka Nick Hall) to get our organization registered, and from there we should be able to officially make some headway in bringing our dream to life. Reggie and I have been big beneficiaries of the Open Source movement in our lives, and both of us would ideally like to encourage game production based on the same principles.

We will try to keep everyone in the loop – and if you’re willing to offer advice/love/suggestions – please don’t hesitate to ping us, we see this as a giant katamari ball of collaboration :)



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