On the 11th of September 2015, 30 game developers who attended the A MAZE. Festival in Johannesburg pledged to design educational games for Mandela Day 2016.  Based on the successes experienced by Educade Founder and game designer Regina Kgatle, the idea of 67games was born from the belief that well-crafted games and playful media experiences can function as a conduit for educational content.


The big idea is that 67 games will be curated from a global range of titles based on the existing South African primary school curriculum, generated over multiple global game jams around the cause. After development these games will be displayed at 67 under resourced schools across the country on Mandela day, as a part of the 67 minutes initiative.


Alongside our main project, we are also aiming to host a number of long-form game jams with a next generation of game makers to foster mentorship and knowledge sharing around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) literacies. We argue that all of these muscles are flexed during the game making process, and that games can aid in demystifying technical systems. These sessions will be hosted in underrepresented areas to cultivate skill development centres and move the centre of the production of these games to South Africa over the coming years.

"We must be serious about educating this nation bathong, primary school learning yona e botlhokwa, because a strong foundation is alles. I have extended what I do in my personal capacity-making educational games for bo mapimpana ko educade, to include all the talented and caring bagwera go tswa lefatshe ka bophara, so that was the launch of the 67 Games mission, akere vela vela the likes of bo tata Mandela, bo ntate Biko, Borre Sobukwe took us from point A to the next point somewhere somewhere, so Aluta bagaetsho!! Bana ba bo rona ko magaeng le bona deserve nice things!  We’re collecting 67 educational games to distribute ko magaeng, ko dikasi, to allow bo mapimpama ba ba senang internet/smart phones gore le bona banne le dilo that complement their learning. Because dignity bathong! Taba e, ga e felle mogo, we will continue setting up programs to further teach batho ba ko magaeng le dikasi to make games. Wena mo bophelong bagao sale wa bona kae motho o montsho in the gaming industry?  These sessions aim to include the excluded. Phambele mense, forward.  Taba e e yotlhe e thoma on Mandela Day 2016, hence 67 educational games for 67 under resourced schools. Shap!"
- Regina Kgatle, Project King

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